People: the cryptogamic research unit


brown algae 2Stuart McDaniel –

Stuart grew up mucking around the mountains of the northeast, got a BA at Oberlin College, and then moved to Paraguay for a stint as a Peace Corps volunteer. He got turned on to moss biodiversity working at the New York State Museum with the late Norton Miller. Subsequently he went to Duke University for a PhD with Jon Shaw, followed by a NIH-NRSA postdoc fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis with Ralph Quatrano. In the fall of 2009 he joined the UF faculty in the Department of Biology. The official history is here (McDanielCV150904). Stuart tweets @mcdaniellab


adamAdam Payton –

Adam was an Air Force brat who wound up at Western State College of Colorado for a BA in Biology. He spent a year and a half surveying vegetation for the BLM in Gunnison before joining the Soltis lab at UF for a MS in plant evolution. He now makes everything (transgenic moss, RADseq libraries, undergraduates, small engines, etc…) in the McDaniel lab work better.

Graduate students:

Sarah B. Carey – sarah.carey@ufl.eduIMG_0968

Sarah is a PhD student studying the role of genetic conflict in shaping the evolution and function of the moss placenta. She came up in St. Augustine, FL, and transferred from St. Johns River State College to UF where she got a BS in Biology. With a little bit of luck we lured her to stay on in the lab!

IMG_2205Barry Kaminsky –

Barry is a MS student studying cryptic speciation, sexual reproduction, and photobiont fidelity in the nitrogen-fixing lichen Leptogium cyanescens. He escaped Miami to New College where he got a BA in Biology. After a sojourn in the BLM lichen herbarium in Idaho, he returned to Florida. Check out Barry’s non-technical key to the lichens of the UF Natural Areas Teaching Laboratory.

IMG_0903Leslie Kollar –

 Leslie is a PhD student studying sexual antagonism in metabolite production in C. purpureus. She is a Pittsburg native and a graduate, with a BS in Biology, from Washington and Jefferson College. She caught the moss bug as an REU student working with Nicholas McLetchie and hasn’t looked back.

IMG_0096Undergraduate researchers:

Marna List, Undergraduate Researcher, 2015
Brandon Corder, Undergraduate Researcher, 2015
Anna Swygert, Undergraduate Researcher, 2015
Roth Conrad, Undergraduate Researcher and University Scholar, 2014-2015
Erin Holiman, Undergraduate Researcher, 2014-2015
Noah Dewitt, Undergraduate Researcher and University Scholar, 2014-2015
Abigail Hummell, Undergraduate Researcher and University Scholar, 2013-2015IMG_1486
Jared Miller, Undergraduate Researcher, 2012-2015

Lab Visitors:

Marta Nieto Lugilde, Universidad Murcia, Spain, 2014, 2015
Sophia Ahmed, Leeds University, England, 2014 (MicroMORPH-RCN postdoc research exchange)
Jenna Baughman, California State University, Los Angeles, 2014 (EDEN-RCN Graduate student research exchange)
Olaf Werner, Universidad Murcia, Spain, 2013
oregon coast 2Cody Parker, University of New Brunswick, Fredrickton, Canada, 2013
Benjamin Laenen, Universite Liege, Belgium, 2012
Aurelie Desamoré, Universite Liege, Belgium, 2012
Pierre-François Perroud, Washington University in St. Louis, 2011 (EDEN-RCN Postdoc research exchange)

Former graduate students and technicians:

Kurt M. Neubig (2010-2012, advised by Norris Williams), now Assistant Professor at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Kelly S. Jones (Tech, 2010-2012)
Jess Sabo (Grad student, 2010-2011)
Anna Mwaniki (Tech, 2010)

Former undergraduate and high school researchers:

Jarrod Kahre (Undergraduate Researcher, 2014-2015)
IMG_1715Christina Finnigan Undergraduate Researcher, 2013)
Stephen Pack (Undergraduate Researcher, 2013-2014)
Michael Burns (Undergraduate Researcher, 2012-2014)
Shawn Abrahams (Undergraduate Researcher and University Scholar, 2012-2014, now graduate student with Chris Pires @Mizzou)
Alex Powell (Undergraduate Researcher, Honors Student, and technician, 2012-2014)
Sarah Carey (Undergrad researcher, 2013-2014; now a grad student in the McDaniel lab at UF!)
IMG_1129Jasmine Meinke (Undergrad researcher, 2013)
Jonathan Foster (Undergrad researcher, 2013)
Karen Beaulieu (Undergrad researcher, 2012-2013)
Sujay Kamisetty (High School SSTP Summer 2012)
Noah DeWitt (High School SSTP Summer 2012, and now an undergrad in the McDaniel lab at UF!)
Kyle Miller (Undergrad researcher, 2012-2013)

Daniel Doan (Undergrad researcher, 2012, now Teach for America volunteer)

Tatum posterKeval Patel (High School SSTP, Summer 2011, now an undergrad at University of Miami)
Ashish Kumar (High School SSTP Summer 2011, now an undergrad at UF)
Aubrey Carruthers (Undergrad researcher, 2011-2012)

James Thomas (Undergrad researcher, 2011, now a grad student at UF)

Rebecca Gumptow (Undergrad researcher, 2011, now a grad student in U Hawaii)
Mark Phillips (Undergrad researcher, 2010-2011, now a grad student with Michael Rose at UC Irvine)
kyleMariel Small (High School SSTP program 2010, now an undergrad at UF)
Eric Piccard (High School SSTP program 2010, now an undergrad at Duke)
Claudia Henriquez (Undergrad researcher, 2010-2013)

Tatum Norrell (Undergrad researcher, 2010-2012, now technician with USDA)

Michael T. Sheridan (Undergrad researcher, 2010)