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(undergraduate or *graduate student / postdoc work conducted in the McDaniel lab)

Holland-Moritz, H, J Stuart, *LR Lewis, S Miller, MC Mack, SF McDaniel, and N Fierer. Novel bacterial lineages associated with boreal moss species. submitted to Environmental Microbiology.

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*Hodel, RGJ, S Chen, AC Payton, SF McDaniel, PS Soltis, and DE Soltis. Adding loci improves phylogeographic resolution in red mangroves despite increased missing data: comparing microsatellites and RAD-Seq and investigating loci filtering. Scientific Reports, in press.

*Lewis, LR, EM Biersma, *SB Carey, K Holsinger, SF McDaniel, R Rozzi, B Goffinet. Bipolarity in Bryophytes and Lichens: A case study on the origin of the Magellanic sub-Antarctic endemic moss Tetraplodon fuegianus (Bryopsida: Splachnaceae). American Journal of Botany 104: 1651-1659.

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New Phytol cover

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